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Security Awareness Campaigns

The most commonly booked value-added services from IT-Seal.
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Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu IT-Seal GmbH
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Phone phishing (Vishing)

Vishing means "voice phishing" and is increasingly used by criminals to build up additional pressure and stress - for example with CEO Fraud. We simulate this attack vector to help you detect vulnerabilities in your company's security system and, if necessary, train your employees to close them. Like a real attacker, we simulate such attacks by phone and test, for example:

• whether employees disclose login data and passwords,
• whether employees the request to install software or open files,
• whether employees disclose personal data about themselves or their colleagues.

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Tainted data storage devices

Malware contaminated media such as USB sticks, CDs or SD cards can pose a high security risk. IT-Seal prepares e.g. USB sticks with a manipulated file and measures how often the file is opened. The data carriers are sent by post to selected persons or P.O. boxes or are laid out by our contact person in the company.

How many employees open files on USB sticks that they can find on the company car park, in the staircase or at the printer?
Book our campaign and find out!
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On-site training & Live Phishing

We personally introduce your employees to the topics of phishing and social engineering. Together we practice reading links and where they lead us as well as recognizing risky contents.
Our live phishing demonstration impressively shows how a real attacker proceeds to gather information about their victim, prepare and execute the attack. Create sustainable safety awareness.
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On-site inspection

For particularly interesting locations or buildings with lax security measures, attackers go so far as to try to gain access to the premises, offices and/or PCs on site. In order to evaluate how your staff behaves towards strangers in the building and whether any weaknesses in access security exist, we take on the role of the attacker.
We pass ourselves off as visitors, parcel couriers, suppliers or forgetful employees, for example. We test whether we can gain access to the premises, offices or printer rooms and find unlocked PCs, written passwords or sensitive documents.

The procedure is documented and then summarized in the form of a log. Any security problems discovered are listed. The results are reported anonymously.
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Security awareness material

Stay alert - with our social hacking and phishing awareness material. They help you and your employees to always remember the most important rules for avoiding danger in case of an emergency. We provide you with our exclusive phishing awareness posters, mouse pads, brochures and stickers.

The material is based on the awareness campaign "Stay alert" (see
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