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Innovation Power & Security Awareness Strategy presented to members of the Hessian State Parliament

23. März 2018

The TU Darmstadt hosted the Parliamentary Evening in the Hessian State Parliament.
In this context, IT-Seal members of all factions explained, besides the technical expertise in the field of cyber security, the support that the HIGHEST business incubator contributed in the early stages of the start-up.

For the second time, the TU Darmstadt, at the invitation of Norbert Kartmann, President of the State of Hesse, hosted the Parliamentary Evening in Wiesbaden on 21 March 2018. The theme of the evening was the promotion culture for innovative spin-offs of the Technical University.

IT-Seal and Alcan Systems were invited as one of Darmstadt's flagship technology start-ups.

In keynote speeches and subsequent discussions, the prerequisites for a successful innovation culture and the promotion of start-ups were discussed. In our view, the Innovation and Start-up Centre HIGHEST plays a special role as one of the central hubs of the Darmstadt start-up scene.

The threats to democracy and society posed by current cyber attacks were also reflected in depth, as were the security awareness concepts developed by IT-Seal. Thank you very much for this very interesting political exchange!

About 25 members of all factions met with representatives of the TU Darmstadt. TU President Professor Hans Jürgen Prömel spoke about innovation, Vice President Professor Mira Mezini emphasized the funding culture of the TUD and Professor Peter Buxmann (HIGHEST Director) described the instruments of the university to provide stimulating impulses with company partners.

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