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New partner exploqii: Explanatory videos to complement our Phishing Awareness training

19. Dezember 2017

The combination of training and continuous training in everyday work life offers an effective strengthening of IT security awareness in companies.

The IT-Seal Phishing Academy offers continuous training and learning success in IT security awareness. We are pleased to have found a partner in exploqii who supports our training offer with explanatory videos and interactive training offers. The Berlin-based start-up has set itself the goal of explaining every topic perfectly in two minutes. Founded in 2014 and now also represented on the other side of the Atlantic, the company offers complexity-reducing video content - in any language desired. 

Besides individual e-learning offers, exploqii focuses on IT security and compliance: video packages on phishing, social engineering, ransomware or telephone phishing can be booked as videos on demand on the company's website. We see the mutual expansion of our portfolios as valuable added value for our clients: The combination of easy-to-understand training and continuous phishing awareness training offers an effective strengthening of IT security awareness in the company. We look forward to working with you! 

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