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Phishing Academy:
Phishing simulation and training in full service

Stay alert.
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Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu IT-Seal GmbH
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Continuous and noninvasive Awareness training

Practice-oriented & individual training

Your employees learn how to identify phishing emails hands-on in everyday work life and remain anonymous.

Ongoing security awareness training in full service

By simulating real-life phishing attacks, we continuously measure your ESI®, which represents the awareness of your employees. Every risky click leads to immediate learning success. The difficulty level of the attacks is automatically increased as soon as the previous level is safely detected.

Phishing awareness training:
how it works

Phishing Academy Procedure Download
The process of the phishing academy is as follows:

Academy start

Step 1: Choose your aspired security level: From broad ransomware attacks to focused spear-phishing against high-value targets. 

Step: 2: Specify the groups that will take part in the academy.

Zero effort anti-phishing training

We simulate individualized phishing attacks on your company. The participants become steadily more alert through continuous testing and 

receive directed assistance in spotting dangerous content.
The difficulty level is adapted individually to each participant.

Insights into the results

Through our live-dashboard you keep an overview over the learning progress. Get detailed insights into the behavior of the individual groups 

or get a quick outline of how your company compares to others in the industry. We regularly assemble the findings in an executive summary.


Continuous and directed schooling of your employees lowers your human security risks.


Mention your awareness measure in your end-of-year report - we fulfil the requirements of ISO 27001.


You receive group-based insights into the security fitness of your employees.


Individual behavior is not reported to the company.

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu IT-Seal GmbH
Logo IT Security Made in Europe

Phishing Academy
Download OnePager

Continuously increase and quantify security awareness with the Phishing Academy.

Read everything important on one page.


Your benefits from the phishing awareness campaign:

Icon Academy 1

Continuous security gain

Periodical repetition and increasing difficulty help employees to stay on track.

Icon Academy 2

Practically oriented security training

Your employees learn to detect phishing e-mails in everyday life.

Icon Academy 3

Measurable awareness enhancement

Your IT department can monitor the progress of groups in real time.

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Complementary social hacking services

You can customize the Phishing Academy to suit your company's needs with our supplementary services.
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»The human factor is crucial
for the security of an enterprise. Without sensitive and security-conscious employees, secure IT is hardly realisable.«

Dr. Hans-Georg Maaßen,  President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution