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Simulation - quantification - emergency testing

Security culture in your company:
measurable & transparent.

Our scientific expertise allows us to simulate realistic, high-quality cyber attacks in a standardized and reproducible way to precisely assess the security standard of your company.
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Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu IT-Seal GmbH
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 IT-Seal Security Culture Audit:
The most employee-friendly Social Engineering risk analysis of the market

The process of our audit consists of five steps.

Security Culture Audit setup

In a meeting with optimally all involved parties (HR, IT, BR) the requirements, objectives, the procedure and the expected results are explained and defined.

This includes, among other things, the definition of the employee groups as well as the clarification of responsibilities and technical hurdles.

Attack potential check

Just as real attackers typically use any sources on the internet to prepare phishing attacks, we also tap these sources. For example, we collect information about the employees to be tested from social networks, scan 

the company website, or extract useful information from job evaluation portals.

Phishing analysis

Based on the results obtained before, we simulate realistic attack scenarios in the form of campaigns. Each employee receives several spear phishing e-mails, where we collect how many employees open links,

enter data, or download and open files. At the same time, our contact person is given access to a dashboard where the current results and campaigns can be tracked in real time.

Security culture analysis

Finally, we analyze the security culture within the company to identify further problems in the workplace which can result in human security problems. We conduct interviews and a survey in which we take the view 

of various employee levels. In addition, we analyze internal regulations and documents whether there is any further need for improvement regarding social engineering.

Report, recommendations & dashboard

In a detailed report, we summarize the collected results and give a comprehensive insight into the actual security situation and threat situation. Further, we use the interpreted results to issue individual recommendations to take action, which prioritize the most important and 

sensible steps to enable to make future investment decisions based on facts and figures. In addition to the report, an executive summary and a presentation for the employees are handed over.


Understanding your security risks to respond appropriately.


The analysis includes the performance of defined groups. Reports of individual behaviour is always anonymised.


We give individual recommendations to enhance the protection of your company.


Detailed final report for the IT manager, an executive summary for the management and slides for the staff.

Your insights into the results: the human security factor

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu IT-Seal GmbH
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How is the social engineering risk analysis conducted?

Attack potential check

Information gathering about the company and participating employees

Risk assessment

Social engineering analysis

Phishing emails of different difficulty levels sent to employees 

Infected data storage

Phone phishing (Vishing)

Security culture analysis

Employee surveys


Analysis of regulations and guidelines



IT-Seal report: detailed final report with group-based evaluation

Executive summary

Presentation of the results

Complementary social hacking services

You can customize the Phishing Academy to suit your company's needs with our supplementary services.
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Convinced customer voices

After the audit, we already were able to implement the gained experience and successfully defended a targeted attack from level 3-4!
Security officer of a hightech company
The IT security analysis by IT-Seal not only helped us advance our professional expertise, but also was a lot of fun for everyone involved and was not seen as annoying by anyone.
Executive director of a hidden champion
The personal exchange of information on current security topics and the conducted Phishing Audit were fun and significantly improved security awareness throughout the company. Even months after the audit, it is still a subject that is often discussed and thus has had the desired effect.
IT manager of a middle-sized IT service provider

Proven benefits for our customers

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Risk reduction

Increase understanding and awareness by involving employees in the security process.

Audit Icon 2

Cutting costs of future investments

Output of individual recommendations in prioritized order. The goal is to make more investment decisions based on facts and figures.

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Increased transparency

Identification and quantification of IT security problems, caused by human behavior.

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97.5% of the tested employees
found the audit meaningful.

89% were convinced that their company's security benefited.